GC Solar Training Academy

The GC SOLAR Training Academy was founded on January 1, 2020, formerly known as GC SOLAR High-tech Training Centre. Adhering to the school-running philosophy of ”  achieve their dreams and goals within the renewable Energy Industry”. We are committed to provide business guidance and technical support for the training work of all Top international branded products. We pride ourselves for building a centre that assist in the learning and developing of Hi-Tech entrepreneurs towards young and international talented people in Africa. 


GC SOLAR Academy is located at our head office in Midrand, Gauteng, N1 Business Park, which can accommodate regulator courses for people to study, interaction, and seminars at the same time.

We believed that “GC SOLAR Academy should build an energetic and passionate platform to provide every student with systematic learning opportunity, strengthen self-cultivation through learning, promote skill to become knowledgeable and a solar expert in qualifying as an installer in the field.

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Upcoming Training

PV Green card Training